Sunday, February 3, 2019

 We reflect on the loss of a  friend and neighbor
Bonita (Bonnie) Morgan

In our early days of pickleball, there was tension between the pickleball and tennis clubs. (Tennis was not happy losing courts to pickleball.)  This was not a problem for Bonnie, she loved sports and was one of the first to cross the aisle to enjoy both pickleball and tennis! We then learned Bonnie played Golf.  What else you may ask, well she was a 6AM regular with Dave at the Gym. No surprise that Bonnie also skied, played softball on a women's team and enjoyed volleyball. When not on land, she loved sailing, fishing, and crabbing! This explains her competitive spirit which resulted in winning "Many" medals!. 

If this were not enough, Bonita was a model in our annual fashion show and would walk the runway as if this is what she did everyday!  When she had shoulder surgery a few years back her arm was in a brace, this did not stop her from being behind the scenes helping with the show and the girls who were modeling.  As she enjoyed sports and other activities, she equally enjoyed being a giving person and volunteering. 

Minister Bob Tasler, both friend, and neighbor to the Morgan's led the memorial service in prayer, and song his words filled with warmth and caring. Very close friends joined in the eulogy.  It is estimated that nearly 200 neighbors and friends were in attendance, as a testament to how Bonita had touched our lives
Words are few, thoughts are deep
Memories of you we will always keep

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