Tuesday, January 8, 2019

2019 Elections

 Dear Member

This board of directors open position notice is to be activated and posted on January 8, 2019  and remains valid until midnight January 30, 2019.

We have just begun the last three months of our winter/spring, 2018/2019 season at Palm Creek Resort. It is time to turn our attention to the election of new Club Board members. Our Board consists of seven members; President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and three (3) At Large Members. As you know we stagger our terms for officers so that we limit the number of Board members whose terms will end at the same time. This staggering of terms helps to assure we keep one-half of the Board's experienced members in place as the newly elected Board Members transition to create a new Board for the next year.
There is no Search Committee that knows all of our 900 Club Members, but collectively, you do. Help our Club find candidates that will keep this Club vibrant and forward thinking. Whether you would like to explore your options or it is someone you would like the Committee to speak to about a candidacy for a Board position, please contact any current Board member.

2018/2019 Open Board positions for Palm Creek Pickleball Club are:
President - two-year term
Secretary - two-year term
2 At Large Member Positions - two year term

Some of the duties and responsibilities for the open positions are: 

Provides Leadership and Direction for the Club
Presides over all Club meetings
Carries out Club Policies
Provides oversight of all Club functions
Develops a vision for the future success of the Club
Liaison between Club, Palm Creek Resort, USAPA and other entities
Nominates Directors and Committee Chairs (with Board approval)
Appoints interim replacements for Board openings (with Board approval)
Ensures all officers understand all Club and PCR rules and policies

Maintains Club's complete membership roster and ensures safekeeping of information
Sends emails to the membership
Issues notices of all meetings
Records minutes of all meetings
Conducts correspondence for the Club's business
Maintains Club History
Furnishes reports to the Board or others as needed
Tracks open items to completion
Liaison to the Blog
Maintains set of official Club Bylaws and Policies
Members (Directors) at Large
Members of the Executive Board elected to represent all members from beginners to the seasoned 5.0 player
Serves as ombudsmen to voice the opinions and views of all members
Reviews and offers input on how policies and procedures the Board proposes will affect the membership
Presents major issues of the membership to the board, with analysis of pertinent facts and a rationale for recommended actions
Assist the board as requested and support, promote and explain board decisions to the membership once that information is made official and published
May be appointed by the President as a liaison to club committees
Prior to elections, may serve on the recruitment team for nominations for the scheduled upcoming board vacancies

Please forward nominations in writing or by email, to David Wight: davewight@mail.com or drop off at site #133. Please write a brief biography to introduce yourself. Highlight achievements, pertinent experience, and club volunteer activities with which you were involved.  Your biography will be posted on the club blog/website for review by the membership and shall remain posted until the election is held on February 13, 2019. DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION WILL BE Midnight, JANUARY 30, 2019.

For future reference, this is posted under club information.

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