Tuesday, April 3, 2018

2017 USAPA Facts

●     Places to Play: USAPA Places to Play Database:  5,883
●     Membership : 22,321 (increase of 5,526 or 460 per month)
●     Total Courts: 21,154 (increase of 4,605 or 384 per month)
●     Ambassadors: 1,640
●     Grants: USAPA awarded 119 Community Grants and 1 High School Grant, distributed over $24,000 for pickleball equipment in local communities.  Pickleball Central joined USAPA and donated over 700 wooden paddles to various programs.
●     2017 USAPA Nationals: USAPA 2017 Nationals set a new player registration record with over 1,300 registered players
●     Fundraising: USAPA raised over $8,000 in support of the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital ●     Player Ratings: The number of officially rated players went from 6,000 on 1/1/2016 to 8,638 on 12/31/17.  That's a 2,638 annual increase in initial ratings for new players which was roughly a 30% increase in one year.  In addition, there were approximately 800 players who had a rating but required a rating change.
●     Certified Referees: USAPA certified referees grew to 104 certified referees
●     Referee Evaluators: USAPA trained and approved 5 new certified Referee Evaluators
●     USAPA Regions: expanded from 8 to 11 regions
●     Medal Matches: All medal matches in the 2017 USAPA Nationals were called by certified referees
●     Hall of Fame: USAPA and the International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association (IPTPA) launched a new Pickleball Hall of Fame
●     Facebook Live Streaming: USAPA Facebook team carried several live matches on Facebook and had a total reach of over 1.5 Million viewers
●     Newsletter: USAPA produced 6 newsletters in 2017.  You may view archive copies of the newsletter at https://www.usapa.org/usapa-newsletter/
●     Pickleball Magazine: USAPA partnered with Dollard Publishing and produced 6 Pickleball Magazines during 2017 see http://usapa.org/pickleball-magazine/
●     Referee Handbook: The USAPA Referee Handbook was updated in 2017 by the Certified Referee Handbook Committee
●     Paddles: USAPA tested and approved 107 paddles in 2017
●     National Senior Games: USAPA provided administrative support for the 2017 National Senior Games which set a new player registration record of over 900 players – Visit http://nsga.com/

Editors Note:  The information contained herein is accurate as of December 31 of 2017.  USAPA will update the Fact Sheet as necessary and post the results at www.usapa.org 

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