Sunday, March 18, 2018

The Best on the Planet

No one, celebrates volunteers like the Palm Creek Pickleball Club!

327 Volunteers Celebrate 
Thanks to them, we have the best organization on the planet

This six hour event started with breakfast catered by Mimi's - Fresh fruit, Quiche, Muffins, Orange Juice and Coffee!

Our Sports Leads Randy Bourne, Lee Metcalf, Kerry Hawthorne, Della Bass and Maurice Parobec organized a day of play for 12 teams.  The Black Team lead by Captain Russ Guernes won the day!

Pickleball was on the Agenda and
Bumbee Ball (tennis)

Pickle  Volleyball!

Pickle Softball!

Event coordinators Barbara Parobec and Sheila Balson made sure  everyone stayed nourished with all this activity.  The Sports Grill served Hamburgers, Salads and Chips.  Plenty of beverages were available.  

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