Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Lots of Activity

New Board Members
Kathie Baker - Bill Wise - Penny Rossman

Elected by Acclimation

When you miss the meeting you miss Randy Bourne's 
monthly joke!

2018 Pickleball Dance

Check the Photo Album for another 172 pictures!

Club Membership has reached a record breaking 1,000!!!

Saturday, February 24, 2018


Debbie Henwood - MXD 4.5 Gold
Patti Decker - MXD 5.0 Gold
Chip Bourke and Joe Capone - MD 4.0 Bronze

Venture Out  All City
Patti Decker - WD 5.0 Gold

Leisure World
Sheila  Balson and Barbara Biggs WD 4.0 Bronze
Barb Wise MXD 4.0 Gold
Joe Capone - MXD 4.0 Bronze

Southwest Region
Rosemary Reese
Pioneer Award
For Outstanding  Achievement in the 
National Development of Pickleball

Sunday, February 18, 2018

In Memorium Ed Brown

Ed Brown
9/10/36 -  1/31/18

In our 2006-2007 season Ed became a club member, this same season he entered our tournaments and won 2 medals, this was not beginners luck. He continued to win medals for several years thereafter! 
Ed and MaryAnn enjoyed going out in the desert with the Jeepers.  Once MaryAnn started working full time, Ed quickly adjusted and went 4 wheeling with the guys. He also had fun flying his RC airplanes!  If not busy enough, he worked in the pro shop for the last 7 years.
Ed always smiled. He was blessed with being married to MaryAnn for 41 years and having family of 2 children, 6 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren. MaryAnn will tell you, he has always been strength, there was never a time that he was not there to support and care for her.
MaryAnn will be holding a celebration of life, March 24th from 1-3 in the Santan Room.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

2018 Don Bruce Memorial Members Tournament!


2018 Members Tournament Medal Winners

This year's Member’s Tournament was the biggest one ever! 
 We had three days of fabulous pickleball fun and competition.

Thank You to all who made this the best ever
Members Tournament

Tournament Directors
Randy and Chris Ferrell

Kicking off the morning 
Sandra Cowen and Vicky Macdonald

Wanda Casidy
Operations Tent

Therese McCulley  
(George must have been on the courts)
Referee Coordinators

Dennis Lafleur - Jim Gorczyca - Ken Hague
Jerry Logeman

John Robertson

Rosemary Reese - Michael Wagner - Sandy Jones

Tom Gottfried - Kathy Baker
Rarely in front of the Camera

And the list of Volunteers continues: Be sure to see all the pictures posted under Club Photos

Thanks to all the dedicated volunteers, including almost 100 non-playing volunteers, who made this all happen.

Tournament Committee
Randy and Chris Ferrell – Tournament Directors
Joel Brown and Bert Carreau – Future Directors
Bob VanderLinden and Chuck MacDonald - Consultants
Wanda Cassidy – Operations Tent
Lance Thiede – Seeding and Brackets
Sally Sebring – Registrar and player gifts
Ralph Kulling – Computer Equipment
Bob Bonack – PA system and Facilities
Richard and KC Lewis – Court Washing
John Robertson – Medical
Gwen Borgen and Sherry Ziemkowski – Player snacks
Sally Morgan and Sherry Wight – Water, ice and volunteer snacks
Bob and Dawn Eggleston – Pizza party
George and Therese McCulley – Referees
Jim and Robin Gorczyca and Jerry Logeman – Line Judges
Tom Gottfried and Kathie Baker - Photography

And here are the numbers:

398 Players
58% Male and 42% Female Players
45 Brackets
518 Matches Played

228 Medal Winners
60 won 2 medals

243 Players are USAPA members
130 Players are USAPA rated

Participation by Skill Level:
  41 - 2.5 players
122 - 3.0 players
145 - 3.5 players
56 – 4.0 players
21 – 4.5 players
11 – 5.0 players

Age not a limitation for Tournament Play:
  1 player – 35+
  4 players – 50+
 31 players – 55+
 92 players – 60+
144 players – 65+
  82 players – 70+
  35 players – 75+
    7 players – 80+

Pickleball players know how to party 
We had 430 people for pizza who consumed 480 cans of beer and 228 glasses of wine.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Meet the Nominees..


My wife Barb and I live at Robson Ranch in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area of Texas.
We were originally from the Seattle area where we both retired from the Boeing Co., me as an engineer.
We have 4 kids and 8 grandkids ranging from 2-16 years of age.
Pickleball has been part of our lives since we moved to Texas 4 years ago.
We actively play in tournaments and have played in tournaments from Florida to Arizona to Washington State to Indiana and many states in between. 
I also play slow pitch Softball both here and in Texas. 

Prior club experience:
President of a van club
Treasurer of Robson Ranch Pickleball club
Leader of Cub Scout pack
Member of Seattle Children’s Hospital “Magic Guild”
-motorcycle club raising money for uncompensated care
Member of Palm Creek Pickleball club ratings committee 
Years of coaching little league baseball 

We love it here at Palm Creek and are very excited to become more involved in the Pickleball Club!


My name is Penny Rossman and I’m running for Treasurer of Palm Creek Pickleball Club.  I was destined to be a money handler (my Mom named me Penny after all).  My first treasurer position was for my high school senior class.  I went on to graduate in business administration from Oregon State University.  When my husband David started an engineering consulting business, I became the controller for the company which we owned for nearly 30 years.

I did a lot of volunteering during my children’s school years including Cub Scout Den Leader and PTA.  I was treasurer for the Corbett Education Foundation and my Kiwanis club.  My husband and I got involved in saving our local grade school building to use as a community center and I was the treasurer of that non-profit organization.

Palm Creek Pickleball has provided physical and social activity and is the major reason we have made Palm Creek our winter home.  I have volunteered over the years at tournaments, been in charge of tournament player snacks, and am a round robin captain.   The Club thrives because of the many dedicated volunteers.  Being treasurer would give me the opportunity to continue helping the Club provide enjoyment for its members. 


My name is Kathie Baker and I am running for an at large Board Member position.
We have been coming to Palm Creek for 9 years. We were taught Pickleball by Dean & Laurel Wineinger and have been hooked on it. I have been actively involved in the club activities ever since.  I have organized Pickleball tournament dinners, helped sell shirts, sold raffle tickets and of course spent a lot of time behind the camera at all the tournaments and activities. One of the most fun and rewarding has been serving as a 2.5 captain. It is wonderful to see the excitement and determination in learning something new and challenging. I received a unique view of club organization and activities observing Gary’s experience as Club Vice President, and Club President for 2 years.
I have been involved in owning and running two businesses in which I handled sales, payroll, and payables. I have worked in Interior Design and usually you will see an easel with an oil painting in progress, on our site. I have spent a lot of time in Humanitarian Aid volunteering, and countless hours in youth programs, and church service. I believe in serving and helping wherever we can; whatever the need.
I am anxious to serve in the club on the board. I have seen the growth from a small group on the tennis courts to a large and still growing club on 32 premium courts. I have interest and concern in seeing this club continue help teach and grow the sport of Pickleball, and meet the challenges this brings.
Thank you for considering me for this position.
Kathie Baker

Nominations Are  Closed

Monday, February 5, 2018

2018 Don Bruce Memorial Members Pickleball Tournament

Don Bruce 
12/4/1948 - 1/26/2018

It was just two years ago, when still a 3.5 rated player, Don played in our Members Tournament and won the Gold medal in  4.0 men's doubles. It soon followed that his tournament rating changed to 4.0.

Don  not only enjoyed playing pickleball, he contributed to our club by serving in many volunteer positions.  He has been a Round Robin Captain, a Mentor and a Membership Coordinator. From 2016-2018 he  served as a Director on our Board as Treasurer.  He brought with him, to this position the experience of being the Secretary/Treasurer for the Prince George Squash Association for six years. He also enjoyed other outdoor activities which included Hiking, Camping and Fishing.

Don has touched many lives. He earned his Engineering degree at UBC and went on to work for  major companies, until he opened and owned his own company in 1997 in Alberta.  After several attempts he retired in 2015!   We have been fortuanate, Don and Lorraine had chose to winter with us at Palm Creek.  Our Sympathy and prayers are sent to Lorraine and their family and friends

We Celebrate Don, as our members come together for three days of competition,
 knowing Don will always be remembered

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Member Tournament Event Schedule

Update 2/1/2018
The Member Tournament is coming up fast.  Here are the bracket start times and some important dates and times for tournament events. 

- Brackets are drawn and here are the start times.  These start times could change a little so check the link below for the most up to date information.
Event Schedule
Mon 2/5/18 8:00amWomen's Doubles Skill/Age 2.5:50+,65+
Women's Doubles Skill/Age 3.0:50+
Women's Doubles Skill/Age 3.0:65+
Women's Doubles Skill/Age 3.5:70+
Womens Doubles Skill/Age 3.5:35+,50+ Creek Division
Womens Doubles Skill/Age 3.5:35+,50+ Palm Division
8:45amWomen's Doubles Skill/Age 4.0:50+
9:30amWomen's Doubles Skill/Age 3.0:70+
Women's Doubles Skill/Age 3.5:65+
10:15amWomen's Doubles Skill/Age 4.0:65+,70+
10:30amWomens Doubles Skill/Age 4.5, 5.0:50+,65+
Tues 2/6/18 8:00amMen's Doubles Skill/Age 3.0:50+
Men's Doubles Skill/Age 3.0:65+
Men's Doubles Skill/Age 3.5:65+ Creek Division
Men's Doubles Skill/Age 3.5:65+ Palm Division
Men's Doubles Skill/Age 4.0:50+
Mens Doubles Skill/Age 5.0,4.5:50+,65+,70+
8:30amMen's Doubles Skill/Age 3.5:70+ Creek Division
9:15amMen's Doubles Skill/Age 2.5:50+,65+,70+
Men's Doubles Skill/Age 3.5:50+ Palm Division
10:00amMen's Doubles Skill/Age 3.0:70+
10:30amMen's Doubles Skill/Age 3.5:50+ Creek Division
10:45amMen's Doubles Skill/Age 3.5:70+ Palm Division
11:00amMen's Doubles Skill/Age 4.0:65+
Men's Doubles Skill/Age 4.0:70+
Wed 2/7/18 8:00amMixed Doubles Skill/Age 3.5:35+,50+ Creek Division
Mixed Doubles Skill/Age 3.5:35+,50+ Palm Division
Mixed Doubles Skill/Age 3.5:65+ Palm Division
Mixed Doubles Skill/Age 3.5:70+
Mixed Doubles Skill/Age 4.0:50+ Creek Division
Mixed Doubles Skill/Age 4.0:50+ Palm Division
9:15amMixed Doubles Skill/Age 3.0:50+ Creek Division
Mixed Doubles Skill/Age 3.0:65+ Creek Division
Mixed Doubles Skill/Age 3.0:70+
10:45amMixed Doubles Skill/Age 3.5:65+ Creek Division
11:00amMixed Doubles Skill/Age 3.0:50+ Palm Division
Mixed Doubles Skill/Age 3.0:65+ Palm Division
11:15amMixed Doubles Skill/Age 2.5:65+
Mixed Doubles Skill/Age 4.0:65+
11:30amMixed Doubles Skill/Age 4.5:50+,65+
11:45amMixed Doubles Skill/Age 2.5:70+
12:15pmMixed Doubles Skill/Age 2.5:50+
12:30pmMixed Doubles Skill/Age 4.0:70+
1:00pmMixed Doubles Skill/Age 5.0:50+,65+
Link to Pickleball Tournaments Events Schedule

Players should have received their Player Email with tournament information.

Don't forget Sunday Events:
---- Mentor Day On The Courts 10-2 
Show up at the intersection of courts 12-18 and sign in with your partner. Mentors will be on the courts to help you with your tournament play.
---- Paddle Demo Day 
Paddles from 5 manufacturers; Selkirk, PaddleTek, Pro-Lite, Gamma and Manta. What better way to try out and purchase a new paddle!

---- Tournament Event Setup: Sunday 8-noon. Come on by and help out!

Volunteers get perks!!! We appreciate all our volunteers!
Are you on the volunteer list for the tournament? We will have a volunteer tent where you can stop by and get some refreshments and light snacks. PLUS, volunteers get to enjoy the pizza party for FREE!

Medal Round Pizza Party on Tuesday starting around 3PM

Tournament Schedule:

Sunday February 4
- Paddle Day- 10AM-12PM
- Mentor Day On the Courts - 10-2  Courts 12-18

- Tournament Event Setup – Sunday 8AM to Noon

Monday February 5 - Tournament Day 1 - Grand Opening Ceremonies
Registration 7:00 AM
Kickoff 7:45 AM

Play Starts 8:00 AM
- Women's Doubles Skill/Age Groups (2.5 – 5.0 by age 35+, 50+, 65+, 70+ )

Tuesday February 6 - Tournament Day 2 Registration 7:00 AM
Kickoff 7:45 AM

Play Starts 8:00 AM
- Men's Doubles Skill/Age Groups (2.5 – 5.0 by age 35+, 50+, 65+, 70+)

The Medal Round Pizza Party Approx.
- Pizza Cooked on site – All You Can Eat; Pizza/Salad. Beverages by donation.
    Tournament Players - FREE!
    Tournament Volunteers - FREE
    Non-Players and Non-Volunteers - $6.
    Stay and watch the medal matches. Cheer on your favorites!

Wednesday February 7 - Tournament Day 3
Registration 7:00 AM
Kickoff 7:45 AM

Play Starts 8:00 AM
 - Mixed Doubles Skill/Age Groups (2.5 – 5.0 by age 35+, 50+, 65+, 70+)