Saturday, October 28, 2017

We Need Your Help!

Club Members,
If you have not received an email from “Nationals 17@Palm Creek” requesting your help, and you will be in Palm Creek for the USAPA Nationals Pickleball Tournament on November 4-12, we need you!  There will be a Volunteer Appreciation Event on Nov. 17, 2017 for all those who have volunteered to help out.
If you have an SUG account, please log on and under the “Invited to” tab you will see all of the areas where your help is needed.  If you do not have an account, please send your name and email address to “”,  
We need your help!  Please sign up for as many of the areas as you are interested in, being careful not to double book yourself.  Once you have signed up, you may receive further communication from the team leader prior to the Nationals.  You will receive email reminders, two days prior to the time slot you signed up for.
Thanks for any help that you can provide.
Palm Creek Pickleball Club Board

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