Tuesday, January 3, 2017


It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to the Palm Creek Pickleball Club. With our membership approaching 900+ and 32 courts, we can seem a bit overwhelming. We have many tools and links you may find helpful and informative. Many of those links and websites are listed and described below. Please feel free to contact any of us for further information. See you on the courts!!
You can find a wealth of information on our Blog. Visit our Blogspot! and see our current calendar with upcoming events, tournament information, club minutes, bylaws and policies, officers and directors, our organized play schedule and much more.
Another source of information is our national association, USA Pickleball Association. Click here to learn about the USAPA and how to become a member. Our Assistant Regional Director, Rosemary Reese, is a member of our club and can be reached at click here

Our Facebook page has many pictures and updates on daily activities.  Visit often. "Like us" on our Facebook page. 
To find the contact information for our club officers, board members, committee chairs and directors, click here.
We have developed two handouts that are also available at the courts. For an overview of our sport and pertinent information about our club click here. This brochure explains our Club Bulletin Boards referred to as "Big Blue" and "Big Green" (previously called Big Blue North and Big Blue South). Big Blue is used for information for levels 2.0 through 3.0. Big Green is for levels 3.5 through 5.0. Our Organized Play handout is a guideline explaining how to get involved in our Round Robins, Shootouts, tournaments and training. Click here for an electronic copy of that handout. Please be sure to visit the "Big Bulletin Boards" at the courts. Much of this information is also posted on the boards.
The next two handouts are designed for both viewing as well as printing.  To see our entire Organized Play Schedule by level and day of the week, click here. For an individual "player card" for any specific level, click here.

Click on the following links to review some important Club policies:
Round Robin Playing Policy
Open Play Policy
Challenge/Open Court Play Rules
Unsportsmanlike Behavior Policy
To learn about our Rating Information and Procedures, click here. This link also contains information on Skill Level Definitions and Expectations.
In addition to informational emails such as this, you will also be added to our SignUp Genius roster. Our club uses SignUp Genius (SUG) to notify members of training clinics and other activities undertaken by the club throughout the season including soliciting volunteers for the Members tournament and Duel in the Desert. If you share an email with another club member, only one of you will receive email notifications. Because only one of you will be recognized by SUG and the associated skill level used to determine which training clinics to invite you to, one person may be left out of training invites. Even though you can both sign up for things from this single email, difficulty arises if you are not the same skill level. The remedy for this is to have separate email addresses. We can help you set up an additional address, if required, at one of the drop in sessions. If your skill level changes, please contact the club secretary, here to change your level in order to receive appropriate training notices. To contact our training team for SignUp Genius issues, send us an email. For a SUG tutorial, go here. We will also hold periodic drop in sessions where we will help you with any issues you may have with your specific computer, phone or tablet. Check out the blog calendar for those times and locations. 
Please plan to attend our General Meetings. They are held monthly on a Wednesday, at 4:00 pm in the Ballroom. Specific dates are listed on the calendar on the blog.
Again, Welcome!!!
Palm Creek Pickleball Club Board of Directors 
Donna, David, Susan, Don, Jocelyn, Reed and Tom

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