Friday, July 29, 2016

Nationals VIII - Guest Housing

It is time to set up this program
Last season it was a great success! 


Palm Creek is proudly hosting USAPA Nationals VIII, we would like to offer Guest Housing to USAPA Ambassadors. Some may stay only for a night, some a few days and others for the entire tournament.

If you will be at Palm Creek and have a second bedroom or a pull out couch and are willing to host our dedicated volunteers, you will be providing a service that will be very much appreciated. The attached guidelines clarifies what a host would need to do and what is expected behavior of the guest.

Friendly neighbors are also welcome to be a host.

Ambassadors need to make travel plans and if not playing, need to register for Clinics, the Seminar and Ambassador Events, which is why we are coordinating this now.

If you will be a host, please e-mail with your preferences:
Ø A single person or a couple
Ø One night, a few days or the entire tournament
Ø  Any other preferences you may have, such as an ambassador from your home state!

I look forward to hearing from you!

Rosemary Reese
USA Pickleball Association
Central Arizona District Ambassador

November 4-14, 2016

   A bedroom and nearby bathroom is provided for 1-2 Ambassadors during the tournament. It is important that this is conventional living space, not a built out shed or a Casita that does not have a proper bathroom.

   Visiting Ambassadors must provide their own transportation.   We do not recommend you pick them up at an airport.  They need a vehicle to get to/from the events and to go out to eat, get groceries, sightsee etc.

  Hosts should provide some refrigerator space, & time & methods for Ambassadors to prepare their own breakfast.

  Ambassadors can bring snacks for lunches & they also can usually get eats at the events. They should plan on going out to dinner daily.

  Ambassadors MAY take Hosts out to eat and Hosts may invite Ambassadors to share an evening meal with them at home.

  Ambassadors should give some gratuity such as a gift certificate, perhaps at a local restaurant.

  Thoughtfulness and consideration are the orders of the day.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Whatever it Takes!

Players are on the courts at the crack of dawn, they get 6 games in before the temperature reaches 95 Degrees!


24 Inter-Community Players - Pickleball Tough

Brian Younge  came up with another way to beat the heat

He built what is believed to be the first court in Rochester

Monday, July 4, 2016

Prayers and Positive Thoughts Requested

Lynn Carlson

Most of you know Lynn, he is one of our original club members, he volunteers to help with Training Clinics, Captains Round Robins and when not competing, referees during tournaments.

Lynn will be undergoing  surgery  this Thursday, Prayers and Positive Thoughts are requested.
If you would like to send " Speedy Recovery" wishes, please e-mail me for Lynn's mailing address.