Saturday, April 30, 2016

The First US Open

Multiple Medal winners 
Marsha and Byron 
Registered as Palm Creek club members
made us a part of pickleball history!
(Great Players not so good pictures)

 Marsha Freso
Gold Medal - Mixed Doubles
Silver Medal - Women's Doubles

Byron Freso
Silver Medal - Men's Doubles
Bronze Medal - Mixed Doubles


Friday, April 29, 2016

Getting Ready For Inter-Community

The crew is getting our courts in tip-top shape for summer play, we are really lucky to have volunteers that take pride in our facility.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A Normal Day at the Courts

Instead of getting smaller the group grew to 40 Players

Singles Anyone?
John & Judy DeBarbier
(Look closely and you will see the winning shot)

Friday, April 22, 2016

35 Club Members

Having Fun

and  enjoying 80 degree weather
The group is looking forward to inter-community play starting next week

Saturday, April 16, 2016


Steve Carter
Gold - Mixed Doubles 4.0

Marge White
Silver - Women's Doubles 3.5

Gary Baker - Lance Thiede
Gold - Men's Doubles 4.5

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Around The Town

News Bulletin:
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When not at the pickleball courts club members
wonder off to other courts
Tom Gearhart - Michelle Raph - Stephanie Royo - Carol Lindow
not in picture Jeanne Gearhart - Lynn Raph - Ann Earley - Lance Thiede

What are these two up to?
Lance Thiede and Carol Lindow

Some club members took off to Mesquite to play in the Senior Tournament

Congratulations to :
Steve Carter - Gold Medal - Men's Doubles 4.0 and Silver Medal in Mixed Doubles 4.0
Mike Cooper - Silver Medal - Mixed Doubles 4.5
Sally Dobson - Gold Medal - Women's Doubles 5.0
Barbara Durrant - Gold Medal - Women's Doubles 4.0 
Carol Lindow - Gold Medal - Women's Doubles 5.0
Maurice Parobec - Silver Medal - Men's Doubles 5.0
Nancy Schwarz - Gold Medal - Women's Doubles 4.0 and Silver Medal in Mixed Doubles 4.0
(Sorry - Medal Winners did not send pictures to post)

Sunday, April 3, 2016

On Board


Our Board of Directors for 2016 - 2017
Reed Cowen (Member at Large) - Susan Baldwin (Secretary)  
 David Wight (Vice President) - Donna Christiansen (President)  
Don Bruce (Treasurer)Jocelyn Barr ( Member at Large)  
Tom Lindley (Member at Large)

Friday, April 1, 2016

Our Sincere Thanks

For Your Service
Roger Fellows - Kate Perrie - Marg Ouimet -  Ken Shabenthal 

Roger Fellows - served as Vice President from 2011-2012, he than stepped up to fill the vacated position of Treasurer in 2013, was unanimously elected to the position in 2014 with his term ending March 31, 2016.  During this time Roger wore many hats from assisting with the training clinic program to coordinating the Tournament Raffle. Roger will always be remembered for moving our club forward for implementing club membership fee.  New members do not know what it was like to always have quarters available to play or as in the last season of the the "old way" collecting 27,000 quarters!

Kate Perrie - served this season as Secretary.  Setting up the club roster on Constant Contact, brought the club e-mail system to an entire new level. No easy task, as she contacted many club members to attain accurate contact information.  Coupled with maintaining the roster and recording both board and general meeting minutes, Kate was always busy!

Marg Ouimet - served as a Director at Large for two years and was than elected to the position of Vice President, to fill the vacated seat. Regardless of the many things that Marg has been involved; our club members immediately think of Marg as setting up "The Best" medical program. As coordinator Marg made us proud of the "Pickleball Float" that was entered into the Casa Grande Christmas Light Parade.  Marg also brought to all Palm Creek residents the "File for Life" program. (see link under Club Information)

Ken Shabenthal - served as a Director at Large for the past two years.  During the this time Ken worked on the Board's special projects. Managed the asset inventory . Listened to our club members and recounted to the Board the needs and desires of our club members. Additionally, for both Nationals and our Club tournaments, Ken worked with both check in and the tournament desk