Monday, January 11, 2016

Election of New Club Board Members

We have just begun the last three months of our winter/spring, 2015/2016 season at Palm Creek Resort. It is time to turn our attention to the election of new Club Board members. Our Board consists of seven members; President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and three (3) at Large Members. As you know we stagger our terms for officers so that we limit the number of Board members whose terms will end at the same time. This staggering of terms helps to assure we keep one half of the Board's experienced members in place as the newly elected Board Members transition to create a new Board for the next year.
First, before we discuss the open positions for this year, it is with regret that we inform you of the resignation of the current Secretary, Kate Perrie. Her resignation is effective on March 31, 2016. We are sad to see her go and appreciate all she has done for our Club this last year. Her resignation creates an open position for election of a new Secretary whose term will be for one year.
A Candidate Search Committee has begun the job of seeking Club members that are willing to stand for election and who have the experience, skills and personal traits that each position requires. The committee asks that our Club Members help by first asking themselves, am I willing to consider a position on the Club Board? If not, is there someone that you admire and respect and have seen their commitment to the Club demonstrated by their actions? Ask them if they would let you enter their name in nomination.
There is no Candidate Search Committee that knows all of our 800 Club Members, but collectively, you do. Help our Club find candidates that will keep this Club vibrant and forward thinking. Whether you would like to explore your options or it is someone you would like the Committee to speak to about a candidacy for a Board position, please contact Ken Schaebethal at 605-517-0794. The Committee will welcome your suggestions.

2016 Open Board positions for Palm Creek Pickleball Club are:
Vice President - two year term
Secretary - one year term
Treasurer - two year term
At Large Member - two year term
Some of the duties and responsibilities for the open positions are:

Vice President
Assists the President in the day to day oversight of club functions and programs.
Assists the President as needed and acts for the President when directed.
Conducts meetings in the absence of the President.
Is the secondary club liaison with the Palm Creek General Manager and external organizations such as   USAPA and other pickleball clubs.
Assumes the Presidency, until the next election, should the President resign or become incapacitated. May be appointed as a liaison to club committees.

Manages financial programs and club's non-profit status.
Accounts for club funds, assets and liabilities.
Assures any club tax returns are filed.
Prepares annual budget by March 31st each year.
May approve petty cash disbursements.
Advises board in proper stewardship of club finances.
Provides financial reports to the board upon request, but at least monthly.
Is aided in collection of member dues by club Membership Coordinator.

Records the minutes of the Executive Board and General Membership meetings.
Publishes to the membership the minutes within one week after general membership meetings.
Tracks open items to include the point of contact and estimated completion date.
Is the administrator/liaison with the PC Pickleball Club Blog or manages the same.
Forwards or posts blog/website submissions approved by President or Vice President.
Sends emails/blasters to membership upon direction of the President or Vice President.
Maintains club's complete membership roster and ensures safekeeping of Information.
Maintains club history of meetings, board votes and data, by archiving on storage devices.
May be aided by assistant, as needed.

Members (Directors) at Large
Members of the Executive Board elected to represent all members from beginners to the seasoned 5.0 player.
Serves as ombudsmen to voice the opinions and views of all members.
Reviews and offers input on how policies and procedures the Board proposes will affect the membership.
Presents major issues of the membership to the board, with analysis of pertinent facts and a rationale for recommended actions.
Assist the board as requested and support, promote and explain board decisions to the membership once that information is made official and published.
May be appointed by the President as a liaison to club committees.
Prior to elections, may serve on the recruitment team for nominations for the scheduled upcoming board vacancies.

Please forward nominations in writing or by email, to the club President at or to site #1615.  Please write a brief biography to introduce yourself. Highlight achievements, pertinent experience and club volunteer activities with which you were involved.  Your biography will be posted on the club blog/website for review by the membership and shall remain posted until the election is held. DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION WILL BE FEBRUARY 4, 2016.

For future reference you will find  a link under club information until after the election.

Respectfully submitted,
The Palm Creek Pickleball Club Board of Directors
Donna, Marg, Kate, Roger, Jocelyn, Reed and K

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