Thursday, July 23, 2015

Lots of Medals


A Double Win
Kansas State Flower Games
Silver Medal Winners
Gary Baker and Dean Wineinger
 Everyone is wearing a Palm Creek Pickleball Club Shirt
A Great Reunion
Gary and Kathy Baker - Laurel and Dean Wineinger and
Sandy Stephens with Dick Walker

Marsha and Byron Freso
have been busy
Wyoming State Games
Women's Doubles Bronze
Women's Singles Gold
Mixed Doubles ( Marsha) Silver
Men's Singles Silver
Eden Prairie, MN 4th of July
Women's Doubles Bronze
Mixed Doubles (Marsha) Silver
Men's Doubles Bronze
2015 National Senior Games
Men's Doubles - Age - Gold
Women's Doubles - Age - Silver
Women's Single - Age - Silver

Canada National Eastern Tournament
Donna Robins
Women's Doubles 5.0 - 4.5 Bronze

Chuck MacDonald
Men's Doubles - 4.5 - Gold
Men's Doubles - Age- Silver

2015 National Senior Games
Carol Lindow
Mixed Doubles - Age - Silver
Women's Doubles - Age- Gold

Canada National Western Tournament
Men's Doubles 3.5
Rick Walker - Bronze
Mel Saranchuk and Reed Cowen - Silver
not shown
Mixed Doubles 3.5
Mel and Lynda Saranchuk - Bronze

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