Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Summer Inter-Community

Mark your calendars

Summer inter community pickle ball starting May 1,2015  at 7 AM

May schedule as follows
Monday & Wednesdays at Robson
Friday & Saturday at Palm Creek

Starting June will be Wednesdays at Mission Royale
Times will change as the HOT gets HOTTER

Larry and Avis Gray have volunteered to be the coordinators again this year,
if you have any questions during the summer, please e-mail them:

Friday, April 3, 2015

New Shoot Out Software For You

Steve Mueller, through the years, has initiated different projects, the most recent is the LED Reader Boards that we enjoyed this year.

Steve has  now developed software that is available to everyone, free of charge
You enjoy playing in our Shoot Outs during the season,

Now you can organize them at home!  Or during summer play at Palm Creek.

Thanks Steve!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

No Fooling

April 1st, is the start of a new season for our club
Many members are on their way home  and will be spending Easter with their families and others will be celebrating here with their pickleball family.
Our new Board of Directors, officially takes office today, we welcome them and offer them our vote of confidence and our support.  We thank those who have left the board as they join the group of members who have previously served, and offer them our heartfelt Thanks.
As we kick off our new season, much has been updated on this Blog
Under Club information you will find:
  • A new contact list
  • An updated roster (please advise if any corrections are needed)
  • An updated medal list for the season
  • A brand new link called "Growing Pickleball" developed by AJ and Irene Fraties
  • A new category called "Club Policies" . These policies have been moved from the information section, to make them easier to find.
In the world of pickleball, the action never stops, it just slows a bit at Palm Creek.
Please be sure to e-mail me with any Tournament Medal news, new Pickleball start up news, pickleball activities at Palm Creek over the summer and pictures.

This is a good time if you have not already, to sign up on the Blog for "Follow by E-mail".
This time of year we have fewer weekly post, this will insure that you do not miss anything, you will be notified when a new post has published.  

Thank you for your continual readership and making this Blog a success, we have had more than  151,000 hits and in the month of March we had 6,109 pageviews!

Enjoy playing this summer and remember you will find new places to play by checking: