Monday, March 2, 2015

Tournament Mania

A sign of the times, our tournament broke our own records this year, with how quickly players signed up  and how early our registrations were closed.
As we are all caught up in the excitement of our tournament this year, especially all our busy volunteers, this post is to remind you that the Huntsman World Senior Games, registration opened yesterday, the tournament is sanctioned this year!
As of 11 AM today, 300 have already registered! Registration will most likely be closed by the end of today or tomorrow. You and your partner must register before the 500 maximum is reached. There will be a waiting list if you are too late
Good luck.
The Huntsman tournament, is a good heads up, for the continuing growth of tournament play.
A recommendation - if you are looking forward to playing in the Nationals next fall,  Registration opens June 1st, mark your calendars NOW.

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