Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A Candidate for President


I realize that I've thrown my hat into the ring at this late stage in the elections and that I would be considered an underdog in the campaign process but I felt that the future of our club was important enough for me to declare my candidacy for the position of President of our club.

My experience and qualifications to be your President are as follows:
·         I worked for Bell Canada in Ontario, Canada for 34 years and held both technical and managerial positions
·         VP – Brantford Canadian Hearing Society
·         VP – Brantford Charities Association
·         VP – Canadian Pickleball Association
·         President – Canadian Pickleball Association
·         Tournament Director – Palm Creek Pickleball Club – I served as your tournament director for three years whereby I introduced sweeping changes to our tournament, including elevating our tournament to a Tier 2, introduction and implementation of online registration and computer operation of the tournament
·         Palm Creek Board of Directors – I served on the Board of Directors for three years

The next two years will be a challenge for us as a club with the USAPA Nationals and with future expansion planning with the management here at Palm Creek.  With my listed credentials with respect to my duties as your tournament director I believe I am, the best qualified to work hand in hand with the USAPA to manage our involvement with the Nationals.  With my listed expertise, I believe I am qualified to work on your behalf to coordinate our future efforts for improvements and additions to our courts. 

I ask only that you consider my qualifications and vote for whomever you feel is the best choice for you and the club.  There are many candidates running for a variety of positions and your vote is not only requested but also necessary to sustain our club.  I hope I can count on your support.

Colin Caldwell

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