Sunday, January 25, 2015

Notice of Nominations and Election for the Board of Directors

Nominations are open for the following positions:

Director at Large - 2 positions

Each of these positions is for a 2 year term beginning April 1, 2015.
You may nominate yourself for one of these positions or you may nominate someone else. (If you nominate someone else, please be sure that he or she is willing to run for election).

Are you ready to be a candidate?  Please forward your Biography to a member of the nomination committee:
Donna Christiansen -
Roger Fellows -
Les Scott -
Ken Schabenthal -

Biography's will be posted at the courts and will also be posted on the Blog.  
Nominations do remain open until the election, which will be held  at the General Meeting on March 11, 2015.

Candidates will be introduced on February 18th at the General Monthly Meeting.  
Interested in running and would like more information.  All current and prior board members would be happy to answer your questions.
As a candidate you are encouraged to introduce yourself at the courts, to members who my not know you.  Prior to round robins is usually a good time. 

Our club member Kate Perrie is interested in running for Secretary. Please take a moment to read the BIO she has submitted for your consideration


Kate Perrie

Graduated from Rutgers University with a BA in Accounting.  Certified as a CPA in the States of Pennsylvania and North Carolina.  Graduated from Duke University with an MBA.  My son and daughter-in law and two granddaughters live in the Presidio in San Francisco, CA.  My daughter, son-in- law and two grandsons live in Malden, MA a suburb or Boston. My husband, Mark Costello and I were living on a lake in the Kansas City, Missouri Area when, seven years ago, he finally convinced me to sell everything and focus on “Seeing America” as full time RVers.   One of our early stops was Palm Creek and we have been back every year.  Many of you know Mark from when he partnered with Dave Luchi to win gold and silver medals in the Palm Creek Pickleball Tournament.

I worked for GTE, now known as Verizon, for twenty years.  I worked in many accounting positions on the landline side of the business.  On the cellular side I served in varied positions including: General Manager of the Oregon, South West Washington Office as well as serving as the Vice President of Marketing for Movilnet – the national cellular service provider for the Country of Venezuela.  In this position we introduced cellular in a country where landline service was hard to obtain.
Sports are a huge part of our lives.  While we are on the road we mostly play golf, walking the 18 hole courses for exercise.  Since we started RVing we have now played 239 unique golf courses!  While we are in Palm Creek, pickleball and tennis add to our active lifestyle.  I am proud to say that I have played in Palm Creek Pickleball Tournaments with Ann Early and Barb Schmidt as my partners.  Not winning in either of these tournaments I think it is evident that I didn’t carry my weight!!  For three years I served as the President of the Palm Creek Tennis Club culminating in the complete reconstruction of four courts.
I learned to play pickleball at The Villages in Florida.  Seven years ago I started playing pickleball in Palm Creek when the skill levels were divided between A and B!  For three years, as President of the tennis club, I worked closely with Palm Creek Pickleball Presidents A.J. Fraties and Mark Nelson.  This gave me some insight into the vast and intricate responsibilities of the Pickleball Club board.  Recently I was asked to join the Court Utilization Committee (CUC).   At my first meeting I was a bit hesitant being the newest member.  But, my ideas were welcomed and encouraged.  Orla Wanless, chair of the CUC, stated in his recent email:  “Kate, since you have the best eyes and analytical skills” before asking me to serve as the final review of the hard copy of the updated court schedule to be presented to the board.
I am grateful that I have been asked to run for the position of Secretary.  I believe that through my attention to detail, and analytical skills I can contribute to the Board and the Membership.

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