Thursday, January 15, 2015

Changes to Scheduled Play

Submitted by: Orla Wanless
There have been some changes to the Round Robin Schedule that will go into effect on Monday, January 19.
Six RRs will be offered in the 8-10 AM time period, all to be played on and limited to Courts 17-24 as needed.
Tuesday and Thursday 4.5/5.0 RR (This IS a correction)
Wednesday and Saturday Men’s 4.0 RR
Monday Women’s 4.0 Rated RR
Friday Men’s 3.5 Partners RR
On Monday, the Men’s and Women’s 3.5 RRs will switch times, i.e. Women play at 10-12 and Men play at 12-2.
The Friday 3.5 Women’s Partners is expanded to 8 courts.

Copies of the revised Schedule should be available no later than Saturday and available at both the courts and the court schedule link on the Blog

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