Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Member Ratings

Our ratings/evaluation committee was"very" busy this year.
In addition to those listed as receiving official USAPA Ratings, others also received less formal reviews.

A big thank you to this years Ratings coordinator Noel White and  dedicated committee members:
Colin Caldwell
Lynn Carlson
Roger Fellows
AJ Fraties
Irene Fraties
Wayne Kennedy
Barb Schmidt
LeRoy Schmidt
Lance Theide
Dave Touchet
Mary Whitfield
Special assistance was given by: Vance Christenson, Tom Gearhart and Steve Mueller

Congratulation to the following club and USAPA members who received an official USAPA rating:
Armstrong Ralph 3.5
Bass Della 3.5
Bersuder Jane 3.5
Birrell Ainslee 3.5
Bruce Don 3.5
Cowen Reed 3.5
Gillespie Joyce 3.5
Gray Avis 4.0
Johnson Cyndi 3.5
Johnston Chuck 3.5
Lindow Carol 4.5
MacDonald Chuck 4.5
Nussbaum Jim 4.0
Ouimet Marg 4.0
Prefontaine Jocelyne 3.5
Purvis Ken 3.5
Purvis Jill 3.5
Reynolds Peter 3.5
Richter Marvin 3.5
Richter Lorraine 3.5
Royo Stephanie 3.5
Weatherby Joe 3.5
White Marge 3.5

Congratulations to club members who received higher USAPA ratings as a result of tournament play:
Baker Gary 4.5
Durrant Barbara 4.0
Parobec Maurice 5.0
Schwartz Nancy 4.0
Simmons Don 4.5

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