Sunday, February 16, 2014

Tournament Time

Our Tournament depends on volunteers
Referees challenge themselves to learn a new skill
Referee Meeting
Tom and Jean Gearhart
Once again coordinated Referee Training

Bill Wessels receives Certificate from Tom Gearhart

Congratulations to all who have became certified this year and a thank you to all the referees who continue to referee, year after year. Certification requires attending two training sessions and reffing a number of games.

The monitor is being set up

Colin is fast at work on the Sound System

Chairs are brought to the courts

Lance  maintains the medal board

Volunteers clean the courts

The courts are ready!

photos courtesy of Jocelyn Barr and Kathie Baker

To all our members who have signed up to play in our 9th Resident Tournament  we wish you 
Good Luck 
 Have Fun - Play safe and as Marg would say HYDRATE

To all of our members who volunteer to make this event happen
Thank You
Special Thanks to Colin Caldwell - Tournament Director
Karen Fellows - Registration Coordinator
They dedicate months of their time for all of us to take pride in having great Tournaments

Spectators are also needed, to cheer on your fellow club members
There is always the chance that you will get a chance to help!

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