Monday, January 6, 2014

Round Robin Playing Policy

Round Robin Playing Policy

Round Robin venues will be played as scheduled and outlined by the Court Usage Committee, approved by the board.  Changes can only be made upon recommendation to the Court Usage Committee, and approved by the board.

Given that self-ratings are fairly subjective up to that point at which a person feels a certified rating is necessary, individuals shall play that skill level commensurate with their playing ability.  The USAPA has published guidelines for the various skill levels (as viewed on the USAPA website) and all players are encouraged to review those guidelines for assistance in determining their individual skill level.  As well, all players should continue to play at their assigned skill level until they have demonstrated a competent capability to SUCCESSFULLY compete at the next higher skill level.

Players must play in any one skill level round robin for a period of at least one week, measured Monday thru Sunday, and may not sign up for or play in, a different skill level round robin within that same week.

In the event individuals have chosen to play at a higher skill level round robin more than one full week and they wish to participate in the Palm Creek Residential Pickleball Tournament, they will be required to play at that higher skill level in the tournament.  This rule does not apply to the Annual Palm Creek Open Pickleball Tournament.


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