Friday, November 8, 2013

USAPA Nationals

Tournament begins on Monday 11/11 at Sun City Festival, Buckeye, AZ.

If you are not competing, form a car pool and take a day trip to spectate. This tournament is like no other.

Age of athletes participating - 9 years old to 89 years old.
Open Mixed Doubles  has 95 teams competing; 60 of those teams have a 5.0 Player.
Mixed Doubles by age has 196 teams!

135 Men are competing in singles, including our LeRoy Schmidt
and 57 women including our Barb Schmidt and Connie Emerson

More club members to cheer: Sally Dobson, Brenda Jmaeff, Thersa Orcutt, Vance Christiansen, Al Hager, Dan Jmaeff, Dennis Runyan, Lance Thiede and Dave Touchet. (apology to anyone I may have missed)

USAPA National Tournament
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