Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Nationals 2013


This years USAPA  National Medal Winners

            Brenda Jmaeff and Sally Dobson (not in picture)  Bronze Medal Women's Age
                                           Al Hager  Silver Medal Mixed Doubles Age
                                         Lynn Carlson  Gold Medal Men's Doubles Age

Each year the competition becomes more challenging, the USAPA promoted this years tournament as the  largest to date:  640 registered players, from 39 states and 5 countries!

Pickleball Co-Founder Barney McCallum

Pickleball Ambassadors and players had a special treat this year.  Barney (now 87 years old). Sponsored this year's Ambassador dinner. Barney talked to us about the origin of the games, the processes involved in making the rules for a brand new game .  As with any enterprise, he also shared some of the start up pains.  Barney spent a lot of time at the courts watching many of the matches.  It appeared that he truly enjoyed long days at the court, appreciating the growth of the sport and the joy the sport has given to so many.

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