Thursday, November 14, 2013


November 19-24
For Palm Creek Residents Only
You will want to Register Early as  the number of participants is limited!

Pickleball Guru Academy 2-Day Clinic - Beginner-3.5 Level
Unlike most larger-group clinics, you won’t be sitting around long. With a little time for explanation, this clinic is mostly on the-court practice & drills to help you master the fundamental shots.

Level 1 - How to Win a Point in the First 3 Shots
• The Deceptively Simple Serve
• The Deep Service Return
• The Drop Shot & the Approach!

Level 2 - How to Force the Other Team to Give you the Point or Hit a Great Shot
• Dunk the Dink
• Vigorous Volleys
• Pound the Put-Aways

Minimum registration of 24 required. Maximum capacity 48. Can offer repeat session if there is interest.

Open Forum Q & A’s - Advanced/4.5+ players
This will be a facilitated, open-forum discussion for players to ask questions & discuss advanced strategy, tactics & techniques.
Minimum registration of 16. Maximum capacity of 50. Can offer repeat session if there is interest.

Individual, Pair & Foursome Lessons - For All Levels
Private lessons last 1½ hours. Scheduling is on a first-come, first-served basis & limited to 4 sessions a day as outlined in
the schedule. Pair lessons MAY include 2 players of somewhat different skill levels. Foursome lessons may NOT include
players of different skill levels -- all four players should be of approximately the SAME skill level.
Limited availability: 3 individual lessons, 5 pair lessons & 8 foursome lessons available.

Clinic Information and Registration
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