Thursday, September 26, 2013

Medal Reminders and more....

Medals Please:
Many of you promised medals for the medal board.  As you are getting ready to return to Palm Creek please remember to bring your medals with you.

Please put them in a bag, with your name on them.  Only non-duplicates are used for the medal board. Any duplicates that you have will be returned to you.  Everyone that has a medal placed on the medal board, in recognition, will have a name plate added to the board.

As our club has grown, so has our various means of communicating.  Palm Creek Pickleball Players are an active bunch and have several resources to stay up to date
  • This Blog for Pickleball
  • Facebook - Chuck Mac Donald has set up  "Palm Creek Pickleball"
  • Facebook - Palm Creek Golf and RV Resort
  • Blog for positive updates on Palm Creek
  • Next Door - A site set up for Palm Creek Residents (not employees), keeps you in the "know" for activity updates, items for sales, a place to post what you have for sale, a place to ask for Doctor referrals, even learn about Break-Ins.  It too, has a "Pickleball Community" section.  If you would like an invitation to join, e-mail me at

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