Sunday, May 5, 2013

Ratings Update

Many Tournament Players and Directors were not happy with  ratings changing with every tournament. Partners who planned to compete together for a season, after a tournament could find that they were rated differently and would often have to look for a new partner on short notice. Tournament Directors faced numerous problems when a players rating changed after the player had registered.

Players and Directors have complained "loudly" for some time and the issue has been addressed.

The Following appeared in this months USAPA newsletter:

Effective immediately, scheduled updates to the database will take place three times a year: April 1, August 1 and December 1. In addition to this schedule, ratings will be updated upon special request and for players that have self-rated or been rated too low and are playing well above their current rating.

For our members who plan on being rated by our "Ratings Committee" next season, you can still do this, your rating will be submitted as a special request.

This is a Great First Step - for USAPA ratings.  There are still several items that need to be addressed, the good news is that the USAPA is listening.

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