Monday, February 25, 2013

We Are Really Busy!

2013 Club Photo
The last club training clinic is scheduled for Thursday at 2:15 - for 3.0 players, "Intermediate Dinking". Sign up sheet is on Big Blue
Final Clinic of the Season:
This is been the most aggressive schedule so for, we opened the season with Steve Wong, we were so very fortunate to have Dennis Forbes and for the finale, Mark Friedenberg..
This is what AJ Fraties, our training coordinator has to say:
Looking for a way to sharpen your skills before our tournament? Just want to bring your game to the next level? No matter what your goals, this is for you! Yoda Friedenberg is famous as a clinician, coach, as a National Champion, as a strategist and author of the best-selling “Official Handbook of Pickleball.” Yoda has all the chops…he was president of the USAPA, was founder and president of Pro-Lite Sports (one of the premier manufacturers of paddles), and is currently writing the third edition of the “Official Handbook”, adding in new secrets that he will now share with us!  For any skill level, this clinic and Yoda will teach you something new  
Save the Date  Monday - March 4th - 10 AM - 3PM - Admission $5.00
I will let you know when you will be able to pre-register
Organized play is cancelled for March 4th - March 7th the courts will be busy with the clinic and our 10th Annual Tournament.
Kudos to Colin Caldwell, our tournament director, for applying to the USAPA and making our tournament a level Tier 2!  We are the first club in Arizona to receive this Tier, the only tournament rated higher is "The Nationals".
You will also find sign up sheets on "Big Blue" for volunteers to bake cookies for our tournament, with 418 players, we will need a lot, each volunteer is asked to bake - 2 dozen!

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