Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Updates on Scheduled Play + More

Effective immediately:

Rated 3.5 players are encouraged to also sign up for Unrated 4.0 + play.  
This is for "rated" 3.5 players "only".  This will not change your rating. You will remain a rated 3.5 player, until such time you request a new rating or your rating is changed as a result of tournament play.
Playing with 4.0 players will provide you with another opportunity to improve your skills.
The policy has not changed for "unrated players".  
"Unrated" players may self rate and move up at any time, they can only play in one skill level for a full week, the week beginning on Sunday.  If after playing for one week at a higher skill level you decide to stay at that level, you will than continue to play at that level only.

We are going to busy this upcoming week. Be advised that courts will be cleaned on Saturday and Sunday from  3 - 5 PM.
Plan accordingly, if you intend to play on these days

All schedule play is canceled on Monday, March 4th
We will be holding the "Mark Friedenberg Clinic"
There is a fee of $ 5.00, to attend this clinic.  
Please do not "hang out" around the perimeter to "audit" the clinic.  Registrants will be given a wrist band so that they can leave and return.
In addition to the Clinic the club will be busy setting up the courts for the tournament

Tuesday - Thursday - All play is canceled for the tournament.

Friday - March 8th we will resume our scheduled play.
There will be schedule changes starting Sunday, March 10th
You will be updated in advance.

One last item - Cash was found on courts 1-8 early Tuesday morning.  It may have been lost on Monday.  If you can identify how much you lost, it will be returned to you.  Please contact either Mark Nelson or me.

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