Tuesday, May 29, 2012

To Promote our New Courts Palm Creek has developed  a New Program

If you refer a first time guest or bring an old friend back (someone who has not stayed at Palm Creek since 2010)
  • Guest will receive $150 per month discount up to $450 for a 3 month Stay
  • You will receive $100 per month - up to a $300
  • The Pickleball Club will receive $50 a month up to a $150
Note: The above is how the plan will work (not what is printed on the coupon)

                                  Click here:
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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Huntsman Game Update

There is lots of rumors circulating about these games,   " They will register 600 this year" ... " "Registration is already full"
Skip the "Rumor Mill" this is the most recent update:
From : Nancy Colarossi, Huntsman World Senior Games
Help us spread the word… Pickleball registration for the Huntsman World Senior Games is still open, but will be closing when we hit the cap. Let your friends know, if they are “thinking” of coming, they need to decide soon or the window of opportunity will be closed!!!

We will be limited to approximately 525 Pickleball players at the Huntsman World Senior Games Pickleball Tournament this year. We are approaching that limit and we will need to close Pickleball registration when we reach the cap of 525 players

Reminder: If your spouse is not playing, there are many benefits for your spouse to Register as a "Fan", you can find all the information for these games at :

We have a group of "54" so far this year, that have e-mailed saying that they are attending!
If you are going and have not e-mailed me as of yet please do so now! RosemaryReese@aol.com

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Alabama Senior Olympics

Tom and Ann Earley
Bocce and Clyde
Silver Medals - Mixed Doubles
Tom  won a Silver Medal in Men's Doubles


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

"Pickleball Adventure Jamaica Mon 2012"

Sandi Feller

Sandi is the first Palm Creek club member to attend the annual " Pickleball Adventure",  I asked Sandi to tell us about this Adventure:

Over 135 Pickleball enthusiasts from 22 states went to Beaches Boscobel Resort in Jamaica during the week of May 5th to 12th for a fun filled, all inclusive adventure!
"It was the most fun I have ever had on vacation!"
We played Pickleball everyday and some nights, we had 12 courts available to us at all times. There were 4 clinics held on 3 different days and a "mini tournament" round robin style was held on May 9th. You could do as much or as little as you wanted to do! A lovely goodbye dinner and awards were held on May 10th followed by lots of dancing. Looking forward to next years destination wherever it may be! I hope to see some other Palm Creek Picklers there!
Playing just like kids at camp!
Thanks to Sandi for being sharing this with us, I expect many of us will participate next year!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Site Plan for 24 New Courts

Looking forward to playing at The Best Pickleball Facility in the country next season?

Click on the link below:

Site Plan for 24 New Courts
 (Link has also been placed permanently on the menu)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Palm Creeks First Tournament

                                                                     Photo Courtesy of Larry Pazier
  First Tournament Bracket

Palm Creeks first tournament - the bracket tells us a lot about this tournament 
  •  26 Teams Competed
  •  Teams were every combination - men - women and mixed
  •  Competing  - Vance Christiansen, John Edwards, Dave Luchi, Tom and Jeanne Gearhart, Wayne Kennedy, Tedd and Mary Duncan, Don Conroy, Bob Daniel and Carmella Pankey!

Have some history of the early days of playing pickleball at Palm Creek?
Please share - rosemaryreese@aol.com

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Summer Inter Community

Friday May 4th
                                      photo courtesy of Sandi Feller

Summer Inter Community is in high gear.  This past Friday, it was estimated that 50 players attended y play at 7AM.  Rotating between Robson Ranch, Mission Royale and Palm Creek, this group of athletes are having a good time. Play is open to all skill levels, everyone is invited!

Friday, May 4, 2012

First Manual

This is the first known manual for our club.  The handout was just 1/4 of page in size and consisted of 5 pages of information labeled the "Basics of the Game".  I do not know who to credit for making this manual.  We can thank Mary Duncan for preserving a copy and sharing it with us.  This manual once again illustrates how fortunate we are to have had a core group of volunteers who set the foundation for our club and promoted the sport!

Please e-mail me
1.If you know who created this manual
2. Who the first men's doubles medal winners are from Palm Creek
3. Any information or pictures that you may have pre 2005, even if you do not think it interesting, it may help confirm other information