Thursday, September 23, 2010

September Medal Winners

San Diego Senior Olympics
Silver        Sherry Gusse         Women's Doubles
Silver        Sherry Gusse         Mixed Doubles (Age)
Gold          Sherry Gusse         Mixed Doubles (4.0)
Silver        Sandy Stephens     Women's Doubles -Official Creeker on 10/18
Bronze      Sandy Stephens     Women's Singles
Bronze      Sandy Stephens     Mixed Doubles (Age)
Silver        Sandy Stephens     Mixed Doubles (4.0)

Arkansas Senior Olympics
Bronze      John Lively            Men' Doubles
Silver        John Lively            Mixed Doubles
Gold          Pat Lively              Women's Doubles
Silver        Pat Lively              Women's Singles
Silver        Pat Lively              Mixed Doubles

Kansas Senior Olympics
Gold        Debbie Plummer     Women's Doubles
Gold        Laurel Wineinger    Women's Doubles
Silver      Dean Wineinger      Men's Doubles

Sun River Tournament
Gold        Ken Reese             Mixed Doubles

Kansas City 50+ Games
Gold       Dean Wineinger     Men's Doubles
Gold       Dean Wineinger     Mixed Doubles
              Dean Wineinger     Placed Third overall Men's Doubles
Gold       Laurel Wineinger   Mixed Doubles

Monday, September 6, 2010


Yes, 23!

23 known medal won for the month of August


Reminder if you win a medal e-mail me with the details at

August Medal Winners

La Conner Tournament
Gold        Sandi Feller       Mixed Doubles
Gold        AJ Fraties         Mixed Doubles
Gold        AJ Fraties         Men's Doubles
               AJ Fraties         Overall Men's Champion
Silver      AJ Fraties         Men's Partner Switch
Gold        John Grasso      Men's Doubles
Gold        John Grasso      Men's Partner Switch

Olympic Peninsula Senior Games
Gold       John Grasso      Men's Doubles
Silver     John Grasso      Men's Singles
Bronze   John Grasso      Mixed Doubles
Silver     Dave Luchi        Men's Doubles
Silver     Dave Luchi        Men's Singles
Gold       Bob Sester        Men's Doubles
Gold       Lance Thiede    Mixed Doubles
Bronze   Lance Thiede    Men's Doubles
Bronze   Jerry Winter     Men's Doubles

Spring Lake Tournament
Gold       Doug Kant         Men's Doubles
Gold       Doug Kant         Mixed Doubles
Gold       Joyce Staffen     Women's Doubles
Gold       Joyce Staffen     Mixed Doubles

3rd Annual Middletown Ohio Senior Tournament
Gold       Lynn Carlson     Men's Doubles
Gold       Al Hager            Men's Doubles
Gold       Al Hager            Men's Singles
Silver     Al Hager            Mixed Doubles