Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Holidays!



Saturday, December 19, 2009

General Meeting Highlights 12/2/09 continued

Cancer Awareness:
Diane Gaines talked about the upcoming Cancer Awareness Feb 5-6. We will not be able to put on an event because of the conflict with our in house tournament. Our club will make a donation of approximately $1,000. The money will come from our tournaments and also our club will be receiving $1,000 for picking up tables and chairs on Monday night, after Bingo, starting January 25, 2010. Volunteers are needed.

Irene Fraties is the editor of the monthly newsletter and a Board Member. Irene told the group that the USAPA will be giving our club $100 as a thank you for volunteering at the nationals. Tom Gearhart is on the rules committee, a new issued being discussed is rally scoring for tournaments. On the right under Menu is a link that will take you directly to the USAPA web site, here you will find up to date information “ on the fastest growing sport in America”

Blog Spot:
Donna Christiansen spoke about checking out this blog site, since you are reading this, it must have worked! Don't forget to check the calendar and photo album on right.

Fun Day for A-C Women Players:
Joyce Staffen will run this event again this year whereby A and C players will team up to play against B players, this is a great day of competition and fellowship.

Seminars with Alan Christiansen:
AJ spoke about these seminars. Alan is rated as a 5.0 player. He provides instruction for individuals and couples for $ 40 - $50 per hour. Group seminars are $ 10 per person and require at least 20 players to attend with payment in advance. Be sure to ask AJ about the status of these seminars.

LeRoy and Barb Schmidt are our tournament directors this year. LeRoy spoke about our upcoming tournaments:
In House Tournament - February 10-12, 2010
Out House Tournament – March 4-6, 2010

Tom Gearhart will be scheduling seminars for referees right after the first of the year. Tom has asked both men and women to sign up.

The Raffle:
Ann Arthur will be the Raffle Coordinator for our upcoming out house tournament this year. Ann requested that those who participate in different crafts donate items

Food Services:
Edie Preis came forward to be our Food Services manager for the upcoming out house tournament this year. She will need plenty of volunteers.

Next meeting is scheduled for January 22, 2010 3:00 PM Sonora North and South

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New Blog Feature

Have you ever wished that you could e-mail a story on the Blog to a friend or family member?

Now you can - at the bottom of each story you will see on the right hand side an envelope with an arrow

Click on the envelope and follow the directions and you will be able to e-mail the link to the story quite easily

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sun City Grand Skill Level Tournament Winners

Fantastic Job!!

Joyce Staffen & Doug Kant
Mixed Doubles 3.5 - Bronze

AJ Fraties & LeRoy Schmidt
Men's Doubles 3.5 - Gold

Audrey & Micheal Hill
Mixed Doubles 3.0 - Silver
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Voyager Holiday Medal Winners

Great Job!!

Pat & John Lively - Mixed Doubles 3.0 - Gold
Vance Christiansen & Ken Reese - Men's Doubles 4.5 - Bronze
Tom Gearhart & LeRoy Schmidt - Men's Doubles 4.0 - Silver
AJ Fraties - Men's Doubles 4.0 - Bronze
Barb & LeRoy Schmidt - Mixed Doubles 3.5 - Gold
Audrey & Micheal Hill - Mixed Doubles 3.0 - Bronze
Rhoda Zaph - Women's Singles 3.5 - Silver
LeRoy Schmidt - Men's Singles 3.5 - Silver

Not pictured - Lance Thiede -Men's Doubles 4.0 - Bronze
Bob Sester - Men's Doubles 4.0 - Gold
Susan Buerkens - Women's Doubles 4.0 - Gold

More Photos from Voyager tournament are in the Pickleball Photo Album on the right
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USAPA National Pickleball Tournament Medal Winners

Congratulations to

Lynn Calson & Jerry Winter - Legends - Bronze

AJ Fraties - Senior Men's Singles - Bronze

Al Hager - Senior Men's Doubles - Bronze

Not pictured - Susan Buerkens - Adult Women's Doubles -Gold
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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

2009 Voyager Holiday Tournament Photos

Tournament Photos taken by Barb Schmidt click on link:

Tournament photos taken by Sue Buerkens are posted in photo album - see menu on right

Sunday, December 6, 2009

General Meeting Highlights 12-2-09

New Board of Directors:
AJ Fraties President
Steve Arthur Vice President
Audrey Hill Secretary
Donna Christiansen Treasurer
LeRoy and Barb Schmidt Tournament Director
Tom Gearhart Past President (non-voting)

Supporting Positions:
Jeanne Gearhart Round Robin Coordinator
Donna Robins Skills Training Coordinator
Sherry and Neil Renga Social Secretary
Michael Hill Court Maintenance
Rosemary Reese Blog Spot and USAPA Ambassador for PC
Irene Fraties USAPA Board Member and Newsletter Editor

General Items of Note:

Club Roster:
Audrey Hill will be updating the club roster, please verify with Audrey that your information is correct or update site number, e-mail address, skill level as maybe required

Court Etiquette:
Tom Gearhart provided friendly reminders:
Be nice and kind to each other and most of all have fun
Do not get angry
Do not whack the ball back at your opponent
When entering a court, wait for current play is dead and move quickly to your court
Also if Tennis court is vacant, you may want to use it to access back courts

Social Play:
Is on the schedule 4 days a week between 7:30 – 10:00 AM, if you want to play, it is simple, all you have to say is: “ I want to challenge the winners”, a gentle reminder, everyone will have the most fun if you join a game close to your skill level.

Court Maintenance:
Michael Hill thanked Noel White, John Lively and Chuck Wood for their help in washing the courts. Court cleaning is scheduled again for late December.
He also requested help when lifting newly filled water coolers, if you’re available your assistance would be greatly appreciated.
The club has gone through more than 115 new balls since November 1st, please retrieve balls, you send over the fence when you are done playing.
Volunteers will be needed soon for putting up wind screens
See a maintenance items that needs attention tell Michael when you see him or phone 6675.

New Shed:
Steve Arthur is hoping to have the new shed by the end of the month. We will inherit the old Shuffleboard and Horseshoe clubs room. New shelving will be installed.

Skills Training:
Donna Robins and her comittee will meet January 2010. Players asked to sit on this comitee are: Lynn Carlson, Bob Sester, Wayne Kennedy, Joyce Staffen, Edie Preis and Morgan Robins.

Check back soon: to be continued....