Sunday, November 23, 2008


Scheduled Court Play is cancelled on Thanksgiving Day

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Palm Creek Welcome Back Party

At this years welcome back there was a great turn out. Each club set up a table to promote their activity. Our club officers were quite busy expalining to residents that the club provides free lessons, going over the court play schedule and explaining the game itself. 'Pickleball Patti" was very busy working the crowd. It turns out that "Pickleball Patti" loves people and all the attention she is getting, she did get a little distracted when she saw the Casa Grande Fire Truck,
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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Pickleball Club Meeting 11/12/08


Our first meeting of the season was held on November 12th
For those of you who are not back yet or were unable attend the following highlights will keep you up to date

Highlights of the meeting:

Our club president Tom Gearhart welcomed everyone back and warmly welcomed new members

Reading of the minutes from the last meeting were waived

Duane Miller, Vice President, in the absence of our treasurer Joyce Staffen, provided the treasures report

Donna Christiansen, Secretary, asked everyone to check their contact information on the club roster. This includes updating site numbers and e-mail addresses

Mike Harris will once again be in charge of court maintenance, members were encouraged to contact Mike if they see issues that need to be addressed

Jeanne Gearhart will once again be the chair person for Round Robins. A member requested that a “Singles” Round Robin be added to the court play schedule. The board acted quickly in approving this and Jeanne has already added this new Mixed Singles Round Robin to the court play schedule.

If you signed up for a round robin and your schedule changes, please erase your name and write in the name of the first alternate, than cross that person off as an alternate
Everyone who signs up for a round robin including alternates, should arrive at least 10 minutes before the round robin and see the round robin “Captain” immediately to be signed in and pay your 50 cents. This will allow the games to begin on time. If you are late don’t expect to play

Tom Gearhart discussed court etiquette, as he does at every meeting, reminding players to pick up the ball instead and hand it to another player instead of hitting it from ground level with your paddle. Be aware when entering or leaving a court of other teams playing and wait for an appropriate time to enter or leave
Tom also discussed social play and round robins. He requested that all players monitor themselves and play at the appropriate skill level. It is more fun for “everyone” if they play at their appropriate skill level. You can gage how you are doing by the number of points you have at the end of a round robin. If you consistently have 11 points it very well be time to move up, if you consistently at the low end it may be time to move down.
A member raised an excellent point “there is no glory in consistently hitting the ball to the weaker player”. It is not fair to the better player who doesn’t get to play; also better players should hit the ball to help improve the weaker players game “not put the ball away”. This of course does not apply to tournament play, where just the opposite is how the game should be played

Vance Christiansen and Bob Sester are running the “Shoot-Outs”. Vance advised the members to disregard everything Tom said when it comes to shoot-outs. Twice a week players have the opportunity to be most competitive. This is only event where players are actually ranked and their skill level determines who they play against and on what court. Vance and Bob are both available to explain the ranking details etc.

Rosemary Reese was introduced as the author of this Blog Spot. Be sure to check the photo album link on the upper right side of this blog, you very well may see yourself

Ken Reese and Rosemary Reese were introduced as this year’s Tournament Directors for both our “In House Tournament” and the “6th Annual Palm Creek Tournament where players from all over the state come to compete.

Ken Reese advised that updated information on upcoming tournaments is on the tournament boards and will be updated throughout the season. For up to the minute information you can always check

Ken Reese and Rosemary Reese were also introduced as the new ambassadors for the USAPA from Palm Creek. Ken talked about the benefits of joining this organization that continues to make our game both better and more popular around the country. Several members picked up applications after the meeting

Tom told us about the defibrillator that is in the shed. Mike Jenning’s is certified to use the equipment and offered to do a demonstration on the ease of use prior to a busy round robin so that players can see how this operates. Players who are interested are encouraged to take the certification course when given by Palm Creek

A grand entrance was made by “Pickleball Patti” our new club mascot was warmly welcomed, Larry Pazier will be her voice this year. See blog below.

The meeting was adjourned

Following the meeting we had great food brought by our members and a lot of socializing. See updated pictures in our photo album.

Pickleball Patti

Our new Mascot "Pickleball Patti" made a grand entrance out our club meeting on November 12th. Wearing her "Bling" she was introduced to everyone by Larry Pazier. We look forward to Pickleball Patti cheering us on and spreading the word as to why she loves pickleball