Members Pickleball Tournament




February 4-6, 2019

        FUN!                   FUN!                           FUN!
2019 Tournament Schedule:

Sunday February 3
- Paddle Day- 10AM-12PM
- Tournament Event Setup – Sunday 8AM to Noon +/-

Monday February 4 Tournament Day 1 - Grand Opening Ceremonies 
Registration 7:00 AM
Kickoff 7:45 AM

Play Starts 8:00 AM 
- Men's Doubles Skill/Age Groups (2.5 – 5.0 by age 35+, 50+, 65+, 70+)

Tuesday February 5 Tournament Day 2 
Registration 7:00 AM
Kickoff 7:45 AM

Play Starts 8:00 AM
- Women's Doubles Skill/Age Groups (2.5 – 5.0 by age 35+, 50+, 65+, 70+ )

The Medal Round Pizza Party Approx 4
- Pizza Cooked on site – All You Can Eat; Pizza/Salad. Beverages by donation.
    Tournament Players - FREE!
    Tournament Volunteers - FREE
    Non-Players - $6.
    Stay and watch the medal matches. Cheer on your favorites!

Wednesday February 6 Tournament Day 3 
Registration 7:00 AM
Kickoff 7:45 AM

Play Starts 8:00 AM
 - Mixed Doubles Skill/Age Groups (2.5 – 5.0 by age 35+, 50+, 65+, 70+)

  • Registration Opens Dec 20, 2018;  Closes January 20, 2019
  • No Refunds
  • Online Registration Only at:
  • First Time Registering?  How to Register for the Tournament
  • Both partners must complete registration online
  • Registration and payment online through PayPal is EASY!  (Contact us for help, if needed.)
  • Fee:  $20 - All events are included in the registration fee!
  • Must be a Resident of Palm Creek 28 consecutive days including the tournament dates
  • Must be a current, paid member of Palm Creek Pickleball Club
  • Palm Creek MUST be your designated club within your profile or you will not be able to complete your registration.
  • USAPA Legacy Rating will be used.
  • Unrated players must enter the Skill Level they most commonly play in; however,  the Tournament Committee (TC) may assign players without an official USAPA rating to the skill level they feel best represents the player's level of play.  The TC will attempt to notify the players who they feel are registered in the incorrect skill level as soon as possible.
  • Your registration is not complete until waiver is electronically signed and fees are paid.
When registering online, payment is made using PayPal.  You do not need a PayPal account.  PayPal accepts most major credit cards.  Did we say it was EASY"!  Again, we would be glad to help

Troubles or Questions?? Contact Sally Sebring:
Rules/Format of Play
Double Elimination Format.
Top Side of Bracket: Best 2 out of 3 games to 11 win by 2
Bottom Side of Bracket: One game to 15 win by 2
Teams must play at the skill level of the highest skill level partner, and in the Age division of the youngest player.
Rated players may not play below their USAPA or Club rating.
Unrated players must play at the level they most commonly play in.
 Players may play above their skill level, but not below.  Players may play down in age, but not up.  Brackets may be combined or limited in size based on number of entries.
In accordance with IFP rules, we will use referees for every match, with line judges for Gold Medal matches. We allow only that equipment approved by the IFP. Please refer to the IFP website:
Dura fast 40 ball will be used.

Our 2018 Palm Creek Members Highlights

This was the largest Members Tournament ever with 398 registered players.  Weather was perfect, again!. We had 356 teams competing in 520 matches in 45 brackets.  228 medals were awarded over the 3 days and 60 players won 2 medals.

The Medal Round Pizza party was a hit.  We had 430 people for pizza who consumed 480 cans of beer and 228 glasses of wine. 

The Paddle Day on Sunday was well attended. And our Mentor Day on the Courts was a hit.

The vender turnout was the largest we have had in the history of the Members Tournament with 12 venders.

Here are the 2018 Member Tournament Results  

Don't miss your friend's photos!  Here is a link to the Palm Creek Pickleball Club Photos in Dropbox where you will find the 2018 Members Tournament pictures and other club photos.  There is an instruction document explaining how to use Dropbox and download photos. The photos have been reduced to take up less space.  If you would like a larger image please contact Tom Gottfried at:

And here are the numbers:

398 Players
58% Male and 42% Female Players
45 Brackets

518 Matches Played

228 Medal Winners
60 won 2 medals

243 Players are USAPA members
130 Players are USAPA rated

Participation by Skill Level:

 41 - 2.5 players
122 - 3.0 players
145 - 3.5 players
56 – 4.0 players
21 – 4.5 players
11 – 5.0 players
Age not a limitation for Tournament Play:

  1 player – 35+
  4 players – 50+
  31 players – 55+
  92 players – 60+
  144 players – 65+
  82 players – 70+
  35 players – 75+

  7 players – 80+

Thanks to all the dedicated volunteers, including almost 100 non-playing volunteers, who made this all happen.

Tournament Committee

Randy and Chris Ferrell – Tournament Directors
Joel Brown and Bert Carreau – Future Directors
Bob VanderLinden and Chuck MacDonald - Consultants
Wanda Cassidy – Operations Tent
Lance Thiede – Seeding and Brackets
Sally Sebring – Registrar and player gifts
Ralph Kulling – Computer Equipment
Bob Bonack – PA system and Facilities
Richard and KC Lewis – Court Washing
John Robertson – Medical
Gwen Borgen and Sherry Ziemkowski – Player snacks
Sally Morgan and Sherry Wight – Water, ice and volunteer snacks
Bob and Dawn Eggleston – Pizza party
George and Therese McCulley – Referees
Jim and Robin Gorczyca and Jerry Logeman – Line Judges
Tom Gottfried and Kathie Baker - Photography